sage sessions

sage sessions

most of these 1:1 sessions can also be provided online 

individual sessions with maiki~jane:

creative expression mentoring - have you ever wanted to have a creative outlet but not known where to begin? together we go on a journey to find your unique sense of creativity through the exploration of different artistic mediums…

healing dolls - create a doll, crafted with herbs, crystals and affirmations with the intent of healing

australian bush flower essence consultations -
vibrational plant medicine to rebalance your emotional body after a shock, trauma, illness, stress, grief, anxiety or depression etc. safe for all people to use and does not affect any other medications


sacred art - creating art with intention to be able to receive messages from the subconscious for healing outcomes


journey meditation - journeying through the imagination, calling on our personal wisdom for relaxation, insight, decision making and to reduce anxiety or depression - reconnecting, gaining insight and healing through your relationship with the environment, the elements, nature and self; then creating art as an embodiment of this connection 


transformational mask - creating and wearing a transformational mask can allow us to step outside of our everyday way of being and explore other ways to be in the world. it provides a space to be able to connect to our true nature without the confinement of the personas/roles that we present to the world; after experiencing the mask we discover ways to embody living a more authentic life


dream elucidation - engaging with your dreams to illuminate messages from your subconscious and discovering your personal symbolism


vision boards - taking a journey into the future through meditation followed by the creation of a vision board to create and embody a preferred future


circle walks - walk the circle to gain inspiration and a clearer perspective about where you are on your life path,

and release what is no longer needed to create a positive shift


nature bathing - for wellbeing and grounding, an interactive guided immersion in nature to promote a sense of wellbeing, connection and belonging


bone casting -  half hour reading - maiki-jane will use the ancient form of divination (osteomancy) where she casts a collection of bones & curios to read the messages and patterns that emerge for you.


creative and experiences may be tailored for individual sage sessions also, please contact maiki~jane for more info 


individual sessions with katie:


spirit  talking - 45 mins to 1 hour reading - katie connects mediumistically to communicate with your passed loved ones / ancestors to bring forth their messages for you 


energy flow - half hour session - an intuitive 'hands-on' healing method of energy flow through the body to relieve and release