meet the fold

the fold creates art and experiences both collaboratively and individually, making space for shift to happen...


maiki-jane - sage sessions 


my family lived a transient life as I was growing up, we were close knit as we mostly just had each other. having to fit in quickly in places meant that I learnt to listen to and observe people. I found that people seek the same answers no matter where they are from…


who am I? where do I come from? what is my belonging? why am I here?


there is so much differing information in the world that we live in today, that it is really difficult to hear our inherent wisdom or to trust it as truth. the fact remains that these existential questions can only be answered from within. having said that, we are relational beings and it is important for us to feel connected and to know that we are not alone…


my role is walking alongside and ‘being’ with people, creating space to attain perspective, gaining insight, facilitating ‘meaning making’, supporting transitions and witnessing transformations. I believe that we are each our own healer and have all that we need within us for our journey through life...

  • transformational mask and traditional healing
  • eco-arts as healing
  • holistic counselling
  • community development
  • craftswoman/artisan
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner
  • home alchemist / wild weed forager

*member of IICT


Connect with me to book a consultation, workshop or discuss my wares.


katie - nuin


conduit.. creator .. intuit ..  storyteller .. feet on the ground  ..  head in the clouds ..


I work as a co-creator and facilitator of experiences with maiki-jane and independently as a wellbeing practitioner and multidisciplinary artist; with a background in visual and performance arts.


my art is a healing practice. currently, I create multi sensory environments that allow for connection, deep enquiring and observation. this exploration reveals subconcious beliefs and learnings which I communicate intuitively through painting symbolism, animals and natural elements, as otherworldly compositions - offerings of healing messages for the viewer.


I create custom intuitive paintings and talismxns - bookings open now 


to discuss commissions or see my  work access via link here :  nuin


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davey . b

davey.b -


I'm a Yaegl/Wiradjuri man living on the South East Coast of NSW. I explore my connection with nature, culture and my country through working with wood and photography...


Connect with me to have a yarn about my work or for commissions.