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the sage -



I have spent years roaming our earth, engaging with the world, seeking answers to my soul’s quest: ~


who am I? where do I come from? what is my belonging? why am I here?


answers found along the way, continue to evolve…


am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a friend, a nurturer, a carer, a wanderer and a wonderer, a craftswoman, a visionary, a home alchemist and other things yet to come…


am from here, there, everywhere and nowhere… a global daughter of the earth, living on the south east coast of australia...


am a creatrix with a strong vision of how things could be, picking up old threads and reweaving them to become strong and new. 


as a community weaver, my path is co-creating the basket of new beginnings to hold people through their transitions...


my role is walking along side and to ‘be’ with people, creating space to gain perspective, to connect with their authentic self, to witness their journey and reflect back where they have come from…


my name is maiki~jane and I believe that we are each our own healer and have all that we need within us for our journey through life...



Dip. Transformational Mask and Traditional Healing 

Dip. Arts Psychotherapy 


Dip. Counselling


Community Development Officer




Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultant


Home Alchemist / Wild Weed Forager


Accredited member of IICT


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katie (@nuin)

Creator .. storyteller .. feet on the ground  ..  head in the clouds ..  respect to the tangata whenua of the land I stand on and to the mother .. Papatuanuku ..


I have experience with creating and performing in many different art disciplines (illustration / wearable art & textile adornment / sculpture / talismxns / visual communication) 


I enjoy finding the hidden layers and deeper meaning when I work, connecting in to an intuitive space and letting the stories flow.  🌙 See my solo and collaborative work here :  nuin



davey . b

davey . b - I'm a Yaegl/Wiradjuri man living on the South East Coast of NSW. I explore my connection with nature, culture and my country through working with wood and photography...


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