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wares will be listed in our store - coming soon...  in the meantime to commission pieces please connect through links below 

baskets - hand woven baskets imbued with love and healing intentions


sacred art - art created in communion with nature


talismxns - custom made personal charms created with intention for specific purposes


amulets - charms made for good luck and protection 

for custom wares listed above connect here with

the sage caravan


alchemy -


australian bush flower essence - vibrational plant medicine to rebalance your emotional body after a shock, trauma, illness, grief, anxiety or depression etc. safe for all people to use and does not affect any other medications


healing salves and balms - muscle rubs, skin soothe salves, healing lip balms made from wild foraged weeds, fresh herbs and organic, ethically sourced herbs and spices made with love and healing intentions...


for custom wares listed above connect here with 
the sage caravan



textile arts - eco dyed fabric pieces; hand felted fabrics and objects; rustic quilts and hand crafted, slow hand stitched, one-off pieces of clothing...


healing dolls - dolls custom made with intention - crafted with herbs, crystals and affirmations


for custom wares listed above connect here with 
the sage caravan



coolamons - traditionally used by Aboriginal people as bowls and carriers; davey . b lovingly creates these vessels in communion with the spirit of the wood that he is working with...


clapsticks - beautifully crafted Aboriginal percussion sticks used to create a rhythmic beat in ceremony and dance...

for custom wares listed above connect here with 
the sage caravan


nuin intuitive paintings - 


sacred art created intuitively as medicine through a  conversation with you about your story 



connect with katie to commission your custom sacred art piece 


to view and acquire sacred art paintings now - connect here with nuin


nuin on insta




wands / talismxn -  to assist with reconnection, protection, and self empowerment

connect with katie to commission your custom wand / talismxn


to acquire wands now - connect here nuin